Fairy Glisten Hand Sanitising Unit

Commercial/Educational Settings Unit
Automatic dispenser included within the unit.

Sanitising lotion not included.

Available in two sizes –
131.3cm x 72.4cm For children aged 3 – 7 (€299)
146cm x 84.8cm For children ages 8 – 12 (€349)

Our BRAND NEW hand sanitising unit is here!

Just add some sanitiser and let the fairies do the rest!!
Fairy Glisten is a very rare and precious magical ingredient which, up until recently could only be found in Crystal Creek in Fairy Valley.

In order to protect themselves, fairies frequently dip their wings into Crystal Creek coating them in Fairy Glisten.
Now the fairies have decided that they are going to offer Fairy Glisten to the children too! This very special ingredient has many benefits – it helps fairies to fly higher and faster and also to complete very impressive loop-de-loops.

For humans the benefits that we know of so far are helping a child to run faster, jump higher and even sing better!

All you have to do is fill the unit up with sanitiser and once that is done, the fairies will arrive overnight to add the Fairy Glisten!

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